Surplus Food Studio

Surplus started in 2018 as a small fine-dining restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia. After the closure of Surplus in Cambodia, Surplus Food Studio was founded to continue with the same purpose: solving the food waste problem in the hospitality industry.
In 2022, our online training was launched which does exactly that.
Surplus Food Studio is a place where zero-waste and plant-based cooking comes together.


Vojtech Végh

I am a zero-waste plant-based chef, who spent the past decade working in restaurants across the world, from bistros to Michelin stars, and from England to Cambodia.

I have opened my own restaurant - vegan, zero-waste, closed it and proceeded to never stop talking about food waste and plant-based cooking.

I now help other chefs to cook zero-waste and
plant-based and I have published a book about
food waste
in 2021.

I also enjoy consulting, speaking and talking about food waste problems. 


Please contact me with any requests for speaking, live appearance or collaboration.

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