Vojtech Végh

I am a zero-waste and plant-based chef, author, and founder of the world's first zero-waste and vegan restaurant.

I have spent over a decade working in restaurants across the world, from bistros to Michelin starred restaurants, and from England to Cambodia.

Passing through many kitchens worldwide, I have witnessed an upsetting volume of food waste and a lack of focus on prevention.

As I grew up with a natural appreciation for food, it was disheartening to see the amount of edible food waste created in a restaurant’s kitchen.

I like to challenge the way we think; especially about food, and I am convinced that edible food belongs on the plate.



Surplus started in 2018 as a small fine-dining restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia, re-thinking how the hospitality industry works today.

After the restaurant closed, Surplus continued as a Surplus Food Studio, with the same purpose: solving the food waste problem in the hospitality industry.

Surplus Restaurants’ values and standards can now be experienced through zero-waste pop-up dinners.
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