Vojtech Végh

Long story short: I am a zero-waste plant-based chef, who spent the past 10+ years working in restaurants across the world, from bistros to Michelin stars, and from England to Cambodia. I have opened my own restaurant - vegan, zero-waste, closed it and proceeded to never stop talking about food waste and plant food.


I have published my first book in 2021, sold more copies than I would’ve ever imagined and went on to do a bunch of speaking, presenting and consulting about food waste problems. 


And now I am here. Bringing all I know a little closer to you and letting out all the secrets from restaurant kitchens.

Surplus Food Studio

Surplus Food Studio is for everyone who cooks. 


Surplus started in 2018 as a small fine-dining restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It also happened to be the first zero-waste and vegan restaurant in the world. After the closure of Surplus in Cambodia, I have turned my ideas into Surplus Food Studio. Mission and philosophy stay the same: to reduce food waste and promote plant-based eating.


With Surplus Food Studio, I am building a place for everyone interested in sustainable and smart cooking. You will find here all the content, recipes, courses, guides, my thoughts and ideas and anything that connects with food and cooking.

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