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'Surplus: The Food Waste Guide for Chefs' is read by thousands of chefs and managers of the top hospitality businesses in the world.

Be one of them.
"I was so impressed with the simplicity and no-nonsense messaging of this book that we bought a copy for all of our chefs. I highly recommend it to anyone in the food business."
Philip Mahoney, Accor Vice President F&B India, Middle East, Africa & Turkey
"I was so impressed and inspired by the work Vojtech has achieved, that I bought every single chef in my company, a copy of his book."
Frank Bothwell, owner of Thomas Franks Ltd.

'Surplus: The Food Waste Guide for Chefs' contains:

  • Concrete and actionable steps on how to reduce food waste in professional kitchen
  • Ingredient directory with a guide on how to use all parts of ingredients
  • Motivation and mindset tips for chefs
  • Sample recipes and ways of implementing change
‘Through my own experiences, I've witnessed the transformative power of this book in professional kitchens around the world. It's not just another addition to your library; it's an invitation to reshape your approach to food waste and sustainability in your food business.

Inside the book, Vojtech presents concrete and actionable steps that I personally swear by. No matter the size or style of your food business, this book is tailored to revolutionise your kitchen practices. Vojtech’s methods have been proven and trusted by industry leaders worldwide, making it your key to success in creating a sustainable culinary future.’

Amy Irwin, Food Safety Consultant at Conscious Kitchens


  • The perfect gift for your chefs
  • Easy-to-read short chapters
  • Written for chefs by a chef
  • Direct to the point
"A must have bible for all chefs!"
Nazli Develi, raw vegan chef at Gurmevegan
"This book should be in every culinary school." 
Debora Silva, graduate of culinary school

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About the author:

I am a zero-waste plant-based chef, who spent over a decade working in restaurants across the world, from bistros to Michelin star restaurants, and from England to Cambodia.

I have opened the first zero-waste vegan restaurant in the world, realised that it's perfectly possible to avoid the majority of food waste in every restaurant's kitchen and wrote a book about it to make it easier for you to do the same. 

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