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Food waste blog for professional chefs and enthusiastic home cooks

Learn how to cook without food waste, whether in a professional kitchen or at home

Get insights into zero-waste menu planning and development of new dishes

Smart cooking tips, resources, chefs motivation and inspiration for new plant-based recipes

Created by chef-founder of the first zero-waste and vegan restaurant in the world, for everyone interested in food waste prevention and plant-based cooking

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My book Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs 

is now released

"The first step to reducing your food waste?

Change the mindset.

If the ingredient is edible, don't call it waste.

Waste is only waste because you labelled it so.

If it's edible, it belongs on the plate.

Right in this very moment, you are most likely to have everything you need to reduce your food waste.

Food waste is a human problem.

Humans created it and only humans can eliminate it.

If you make the effort to use every gram of the black truffle, you can make the same effort to use every bit of other vegetables too.

We literally put more effort into creating waste than reducing it."

Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs is a thought-provoking book for every chef that wants to effectively reduce and prevent food waste in a restaurant's kitchen

Not a cookbook, but rather a cook's book, this book provides much-needed insights into running a kitchen without a bin, mindset tips, practical steps on how to prevent food waste in a kitchen, and a few recipes for inspiration

Find out what is a black truffle mindset, how to design a smart menu, how to use every part of an ingredient, what are the best techniques for zero-waste cooking and much more


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