Masterclass: Food Waste Prevention for Chefs

24th of July at 14:00 CET

Stop putting money in the bin. Reduce food waste permanently.

Tried and tested action plan to prevent food waste in restaurants, hotels and catering.
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Do you still feel like food waste reduction initiatives make you more busy?

Would you like to lower your food costs, without a compromise on the quality?

Do your chefs lack motivation to reduce food waste?

Was there at least one YES?

In that case, let me ask you:

Would you like to get to the core of the food waste prevention problem?

Would you like to learn how to systematically prevent food waste in your kitchen?

How about a real ACTION PLAN to reduce your food waste?
If you want to go beyond the usual advice of 'getting creative', making daily soups
from by-products and croutons from day-old bread, then this is for you.
90 minute of deep-dive into food waste prevention
Step-by-step plan to reduce your food waste
Applicable to every professional kitchen
Concrete, actionable steps to prevent your food waste
BONUS Materials to work with


Food waste prevention starts with your menu. In this masterclass, we will focus on preparation waste and how to maximise the yield of every product.

We will get to the core of the food waste problem in professional kitchens and I will provide you with an action plan for eliminating your food waste.


This is not a live cooking demo.


Executive Chefs, Head Chefs, Sous Chefs and all chefs who have influence in the creation of menus, in all types of operations.


  • Food waste prevention 101
  • Circular system in the kitchen
  • Action plan for food waste prevention
  • Common mistakes in food waste prevention
  • Q&A at the end of the masterclass


  • Recording of the masterclass available for 24 hours
  • BONUS 1: Action plan worksheet
  • BONUS 2: Trimmings checklist
  • BONUS 3: Ranking of produce by yield
If you need some confidence, here are some of my past clients.
These are not related to this particular masterclass, but I have
helped them implement the same systems in their businesses.
Vojtech's simple philosophy and techniques combined with clear and decisive delivery resulted into 35 Executive Chefs wanting to go back to unlearn and re-learn what they knew about zero waste cooking. What a game changer!
Sebastian Nohse, Senior Culinary Director at Hilton
Extremely eye opening, and compulsory for all of the catering industry.
Mark Symons, Head Chef at Oxygen House
It was a very thoughtful and interesting culinary exchange for our team to learn and gain experience, change their approach to food, better manage their waste and learn great technical skills! 
Guillaume Galvez, Executive Chef at Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech



Will this help me to reduce food waste?

I am confident in the content of this masterclass. However, the actual reduction depends on whether any suggested steps were followed or not.

What if I don't have time to reduce my food waste?

In that case I suggest to find time for this 90-minute masterclass, where I will dive into how to reduce food waste even if there is seemingly no time.

Is this worth it?

I do not hold back on sharing information in these masterclasses. If you are looking to join but are hesitant to pay for it from your own pocket, speak to your employer about covering the cost for you.
I have helped thousands of chefs to reduce their food waste by changing their mindset and focusing on prevention, rather than reduction.

I like to challenge the way we think; especially about food, and I am convinced that edible food belongs on the plate.

I will show you how exactly to create a circular menu.
We will dig deep into the real everyday problems in kitchens.

I will share a real tried and tested action plan to prevent your food waste.

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This is the last public masterclass for this year. As always, seats are limited.
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