Herb Powder

This is what you do with herbs and greens that you don't know what to do with.

Green powder


Herbs (or other greens)


1. Wash and dry the herbs and spread them out on a tray or rack. Dehydrate them at 40 °C overnight or until completely dry.

2. Blend the dehydrated herbs into a fine powder, that can be used as a finishing touch during plating dishes or to add an extra layer of flavour to other ingredients.

3. Keep the herb powder in an airtight container in dark place at room temperature.


  • You can use any herbs, including its stalks, or any leafy green vegetables such as radish leaves, carrot tops or leek tops.

  • Using one type of a herb for the powder gives the best results for flavour.

  • If the powder gets moist, you can easily dehydrate it again and blend one more time.

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Herb Powder
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