Fermented Cauliflower Leaves

Eat your greens. Or ferment them first and eat them after.

Fermented vegetable


200g Cauliflower Leaves

300g Water

15 g Salt


1. Wash the cauliflower leaves and slice them into thin pieces.

2. Weigh all the ingredients and put everything into a flip-top jar. Shake the jar to make sure that the salt is dissolved.

3. Put the jar on a small plate on your kitchen counter for 4-5 days until the water in the jar is murky and bubbly. After four days, carefully open the jar and taste the ferment. You will know that the ferment is ready by having funky smell and flavours.

4. Once the ferment is ready, store it in your fridge where it will last for around 6 months.


  • Good thing about ferments? No leftovers. Lasts way too long in the fridge so plenty of opportunities to use it.

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Fermented Cauliflower Leaves
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