"I was so impressed and inspired by the work Vojtech has achieved, that I bought every single chef in my company, a copy of his book. 

- Frank Bothwell, owner of Thomas Franks Ltd.

Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs offers the ultimate solution for food waste in professional kitchens

  • Reduce your food waste once and for all

  • Implement long-lasting changes

  • Design food waste out of your system

  • Increase profits by cutting back on food waste


Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs is used by executives, managers and chefs of the top hospitality businesses in the world.

Be one of them.

"The most practical and inspiring masterpiece on food waste management." - Watcharapong Saikaew, event director

"This book should be in every culinary school." - Debora Silva, graduate of culinary school

Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs contains:​

  • concrete and actionable steps on how to reduce food waste in professional kitchen

  • ingredient directory with a guide on how to use all parts of ingredients

  • motivation and mindset tips for chefs

  • sample recipes and ways of implementing change

How can you benefit:

  • reduce your food waste by focusing on the prevention

  • give something to your chefs that they will love

  • let your chefs create new habits and rethink the system

  • boost your profits by cutting on food waste, long-term

  • streamline the processes in the kitchen, save time and money

"This book is the absolute best book I have read on the subject of reducing food waste so far." - Axel Guillemin, pastry chef

"A must have bible for all chefs!" - Nazli Develi, raw vegan chef


The methods and steps described in this book can be applied in every professional kitchen, whether it's a small bistro, large restaurant or a hotel.

The book is available for sale in bulk for hospitality companies. Physical or e-book.

Please get in touch for bulk discounts.


Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs is approved by the Ministry of Education in Slovakia to be used as a teaching material for vocational culinary schools.

If your college or educational institute would like to use this book as a teaching material or distribute this book to your students in any country, please get in touch.


  • learn how to prevent food waste in the kitchen

  • learn how to use all parts of ingredients

  • learn how to create better habits in the kitchen

  • learn about the importance of plant-based cooking

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About the author:

I am a zero-waste plant-based chef, who spent a decade working in restaurants across the world, from bistros to Michelin stars, and from England to Cambodia.


I have opened the first zero-waste vegan restaurant in the world, realised that it's perfectly possible to avoid the majority of food waste in every restaurant's kitchen and wrote a book about it to make it easier for you to do the same. 



Q: What is the ultimate solution to reduce food waste?

A: Prevention. If you prevent your food waste, you don't need to deal with it.

Q: How can I prevent food waste?

A: By changing the way you treat and prepare ingredients, by changing the way you are planning your menu and by changing your mindset. To simply put, if it's not on the plate, then it's a waste.

Q: Does it mean I have to feed waste to my customers?

A: No. The point of prevention is to make sure that there is no waste. Prevention focuses on maximising every ingredient and planning the menu in such a way that it eliminates waste from happening.

Q: We have locations across the world, how can I distribute the book to my staff?

A: In this case, e-book is an easy and cost-effective way of distributing the book. Get in touch for more details.