Vojtech Végh
I am a zero-waste and plant-based chef with over a decade of working experience in restaurants around the world, from small restaurants to large seaside resorts, and from bistros to Michelin star restaurants.

I like to question everything. Especially the way we cook and eat. With my work, I am focused on food waste prevention in professional kitchens, plant-based cooking and general sustainability in the hospitality industry.

In the spring of 2021, I've published my first book - Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs, which is written for all open-minded chefs interested in reducing the food waste.
Surplus Food Studio

Surplus Food Studio is an online platform for every chef that is interested in sustainability.


Surplus started in 2018 as a small fine-dining restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It also happened to be the first zero-waste and vegan restaurant in the world. After the closure of Surplus in Cambodia, the strong foundations are now represented in Surplus Food Studio. My mission and philosophy stays the same. To reduce the food waste and promote plant based eating.


With Surplus Food Studio, I am building a place for everyone interested in sustainable cooking. You will find here all the recipes, workshops, courses, guides, my thoughts and ideas and anything that connects with the hospitality industry.

I was privileged to be a guest on a few great podcasts where I could talk a bit more about Surplus. Here are some of them:
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